Artists & Painting Styles

There are many varying Artists throughout history who have influenced and inspired others through their paintings. From fine art to modern abstract and acrylic, the different styles and natures are in abundance. robert lenkiewicz, born December 1941 was one of the most eccentric artists. When he died in 2002, he left behind a legacy of priceless art work, embalmed corpse of a tramp and thousands of art lovers.

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One of the deepest modern art painters

Art is of varying types and degrees. Music, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture and now Photography, Conceptual Art, Printmaking etc. all fall under the purview of fine arts.

However, many of the modern artists are only skin deep. Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz was a legend who took depths to many new levels by way of his paintings and other art works.

His best works

Lenkiewicz started off with architecture however, everything changed after he viewed a film on Rembrandt. His passion shifted to painting and he came up with a number of pieces on society taboos, relationships, behaviours etc.

His finest work involving single character pieces was 'Education'. The result was marvellous and among his largest projects. His pieces 'The Painter with Women' and 'The Painter with Mary' are results of his obsession with relationships and behavioural psychology.

Lenkiewicz was never one to be fazed by large time consuming projects. The gigantic mural on The Barbican in Plymouth is one such example.

Art affected by Lifestyle

Like many other eccentric artists of his time, Robert, studied his subjects in person before painting them. In 1961 he started off with a self-studio in London where he would invite tramps, homeless, drunks and the very dregs of London society to stay with him and become the subject of his paintings.

'The Vagrancy Project' in 1971 was an exhibition of his favourite street characters and was appreciated much in Plymouth.

Uniquely unconventional in Sales

Till 1990 when Robert was picked up by a commercial exhibition house, he never sold a painting. Even though he was much in demand, he would never accept cash for his paintings. An interested buyer would be presented with a number of bills owed by Lenkiewicz instead.

Fascinated with taboos and death

Around the 1970s, he delved into a number of art pieces revolving around the then societal taboos. His famous paintings, 'Suicide', 'Orgasm', and 'Jealousy' only added to his fame.

He faked his own death in 1981 to understand the gravity of emotions. His masterwork 'Death Bed' shows his face waning away while friends and family surround his death bed.

Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz was larger than life as were his paintings. Most of them needed at least half of a living room wall to themselves.